Yoga Heart & Mind offers several types of yoga including private and corporate sessions. Contact Us for more information. We look forward to meeting you on your mat. Namaste.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a style of yoga that connects postures together seamlessly using breath.  The postures, "asanas", flow together using the breath "pranayama". The Sanskrit word, "vi", means variation or in a special way,  and "Nyasa" means to place or within prescribed parameters. This yoga practice cultivates a deep sense of self-connection, fluidity, and mindfulness. Vinyasa is one of the most popular styles in Western yoga studios today.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a form of energetic movement with a steady flow where postures may be held for shorter duration and weights "load" may be used to build strength and endurance.

Yoga For Leg Strength

This class is designed with your legs in mind. If you're looking to tone or strengthen your legs, this is the class for you.

Yoga For The Hips

This class is designed to help release tension in the hips and the heart. The hip region is associated with the sacral chakra which holds sexuality, creative energy, emotions, and how we relate to others.

Restorative Yoga With Yoga Nidra

This class is designed to induce deep relaxation of the body and mind using various props to support you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Poses are held for 5 minutes or more followed by yoga nidra to aid in a sleep-like trance induced by guided meditation.

Yoga Nidra And Sound Bath

Come and bathe your spirit and soul in the sounds of crystal and Tibetan bowls. Enjoy a deep sleep-like meditative state to renew you for the week.

Yin Yoga

This form of yoga supports your body in stretching and lengthening while teaching you how to breathe and connect with your inner-self. The practice of yin yoga is based on Chinese philosophies and Taoist principals working with the energy "Qi" using the postures "asanas" that are held for up to 3 to 8 minutes (sometimes longer) to access deep release.

Yoga For Stress Reduction With Pranayama

Come learn how to access serenity and stillness which will help wash away the stress from the day using postures and breath work to connect to your inner Zen.

Yoga For Sleep

Come fall asleep with us in this short 30 minute class that provides tranquility to help you drift off. Nighty night.

Prenatal And Postpartum Yoga

Prenatal yoga is for the soon to be moms. Come explore opportunities to deepen your practice and connect with your baby. This flowing yoga class helps increase flexibility and strength through all trimesters. Come prepare your body, mind, and spirit for labor, birth, and motherhood.


Our postpartum yoga class welcomes mom and babies under 4 months of age to come and enjoy and deepen their practice.

Yoga For Empaths

An empath is someone who feels deeply for those around them and often has a high sensitivity to stimuli. This class is for those of us who identify as empaths and have been holding the weight of the past, whether it be from caregiving, overstimulation, or unrest. With a focus on your energy body, it will be your space to release all that has been accumulating and give you time to rejuvenate.



Please read and sign the yoga waiver prior to attending any classes.

Yoga Waiver